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Laser Screed VS Conventional Placement

The construction of high quality, durable flat slabs has long been known to be a critical element in the in the life, serviceability and productivity of industrial facilities.  From logistics warehouses, workshops and factories, day in day out, no other single element faces more demands than the floor. As such, floor construction has faced more […]

Marshalltown Hand Tools

Marshalltown is an american manufacturer of high quality hand tools. Marshalltown is known around the world as the choice of the tradesman. Specializing in hand tools for concrete, masonry, gypsum, asphalt and tiling.

Alphajoint Classic

Alpha Joint Classic has for many years been the benchmark in armoured joint systems.  It has been used in protecting joint edges from material handling equipment in warehouses around the world.  Cantec can supply Alpha Joint for any slab depth as per contract requirement and supervise and support you with installation.  Ask us about some […]

Marshalltown – Decorative Concrete

Marshalltown has an extensive line of equipment and material for decorative concrete applications including conventional stamps, roller stamps, uni mix concrete colorant, colour hardeners and antiquing agents.

Marshalltown – Concrete Hand Tools

With its origins in concrete, Marshalltown tools are synonyms with quality for concrete finishers around the world.  Cantec stocks a wide selection of the most common finishing tools including, steel and magnesium hand trowels, pool trowels, magnesium bull floats and channel floats, handles, groovers, texturing brooms, bump cutters, placing rakes, and edgers.

AB Lindec – Sweden

From their factory in Gothenburg Sweden AB Lindec is a manufacturer of high quality, purpose built concrete finishing equipment and flooring materials.  Leveraging vast experience in selling and maintaining concrete finishing equipment, they have designed and manufactured finishing equipment that incorporates functional details not found in any other equipment brands.

STS-11M Topping Spreader

A recent evolution in the Somero Topping Spreader line, the STS-11M is a more compact machine capable of auto spreading dry shake hardeners at adjustable rates as per contract specification.  Machine features inlet hopper brushes, 20 bag storage, 6m boom, 2.4m hopper head.

S-10A Laser Screed

The latest innovation from Somero, the S-10A packs a big screeding ability into a compact size machine.  While being the smallest of the “large Line” laser screeds it still features a 6m telescopic boom, 3m self levelling screed head, OASIS control system, 2 wheel steer, 3 stabilizers.  Total machine weight of 3400Kg.

Mini Screed C

The Mini Screed C is the smallest of the Somero laser screed line.  The machine features two wheel hydraulic drive, auto screed control and a 2m screed head with electric vibrator.  The Mini Screed C is ideally suited to small jobs in which access is a concern, ground and elevated slabs and thickening screeds.

Copperhead XD 3.0

The Copperhead XD 3.0 is a versatile 2 wheel hydraulic drive laser screed.  This is the largest of the two models of “walk behind” laser screeds and features a 3m screed head, hydraulic vibrator and machine auto level function.  The XD 3.0 is best suited for ground slabs, elevated slabs and all forms of thickening […]