What we are proud of

For over 10 years we have been providing our customers with solutions which ensure high quality concrete industrial flooring construction.

This section presents insights from our expertise in areas such as implementing laser screeds to obtain high quality of floor flatness, or constructing highly productive and low maintenance floors in demanding weather conditions of the Middle East.

Converting warehouse to Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking

With higher demands for optimizing warehouse footprints, operators often look at approaches to maximize pallet positions within their facility. For operators running “wide aisle” selective pallet operations utilizing conventional handling equipment such as counter balance or reach trucks, finding additional space is a challenge. Faced with the options of expanding the facility or utilizing a […]

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Laser Screed VS Conventional Placement

The construction of high quality, durable flat slabs has long been known to be a critical element in the in the life, serviceability and productivity of industrial facilities. From logistics warehouses, workshops and factories, day in day out, no other single element faces more demands than the floor. As such, floor construction has faced more […]

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Deteriorating quality of expansion joints

Expansion joints have long been a source of concern for warehouse managers and logistics
operators. In many cases they have been designed and specified incorrectly at the time of
construction and as a result have opened up further than they should.

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