Deteriorating quality of expansion joints

The Challenge: Deteriorating quality of expansion joints
Expansion joints have long been a source of concern for warehouse managers and logistics
operators. In many cases they have been designed and specified incorrectly at the time of
construction and as a result have opened up further than they should. This subjects them to greater load impacts at the exposed joint face (arris). Continual wheel traffic results in a
breakdown of the joint arris, causing damage to warehouse vehicles, huge losses in
production and very unhygienic catchments for waste and bacteria.
The Solution: Construction Phase
Steel leave in place joint armouring systems have had a hugely positive impact on protecting joint arris but in some cases due to construction standards have not been enough. Modern sinusoidal steel joint designs such as the Permaban Signature joint have all but eliminated issues with expansion joint degradation due to the fact that they severely limit any wheel impacts as a result of their shape. The sinusoidal shape is now becoming the benchmark for all joint systems and has the potential to make linear armored joint systems obsolete on newbuild sites.
The Solution: PostConstruction Repairs
For operators dealing with older facilities with expansion joint issues we have a solution that is practical, permanent and guaranteed. The Floor Bridge is a prefabricated joint which is placed into the slab to replace failed joints.
FloorBridge Installation
The concrete is removed to a depth of 25mm x 250mm wide to accommodate the placement of the FloorBridge. It can be installed in any lengths and locations required, such as in aisles, marshalling areas, and door openings. Floor Bridge is also perfectly suitable for installation in aisles with VNA wire guidance.  FloorBridge allows the expansion joints to function as normal, allowing for any movement which may occur, both expansion and contraction. Also due to its sinusoidal design the joint essentially eliminates wheel impacts at the arris leaving a perfectly flat, impact free transition over the joint, all covered with a full warranty.
Invitation for a Live Preview
We would like to invite you for a viewing of the FloorBridge system at the facilities in Dubai,
so that you can see the benefits of our system.

Examples of relevant products

Permaban Signature Joint

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Our services that use this product

Floor Bridge - Joint replacement system

The prefabricated Floor Bridge joint replacement system allows us to carry out full joint replacement installations. It delivers a durable, maintenance­-free, seamless solution to joints which are damaged. Thanks to Floor Bridge, operators don’t risk productivity loss, save on equipment maintenance and repair costs, and can work in a hygienic environment.  Floor Bridge also comes with a full application warranty which is unmatched in the concrete repair industry.

Fields of application:

  • warehouses (including warehouses with very narrow aisles)
  • industrial buildings
  • automotive and manufacturing companies
  • production buildings
  • multi storey car­-parks (including underground) shopping centres
  • exhibition halls
  • school buildings
  • medical sector (hospitals)
  • pharmaceutical sector (production and distribution)
  • food industry (production and distribution)


  • Width of joint profile: ca 250mm
  • Length of joint profile: ca 1200mm
  • Thickness of joint profile: 20mm
  • Horizontal movement: max. 15mm (­5/+10mm)
  • Pressure strength: 60 N/mm²
  • Bending strength: 50 N/mm²
  • Color: gray
  • Packaging (europallet)