With a combined 30 years of experience of experience in the Middle East we understand the challenges faced in delivering high quality industrial floors. We have extensive know how of both high tolerance narrow strip construction techniques as well as large pour “jointless” laser screed techniques.

That’s why we’re well positioned to offer consultancy services for contractors and end users: Cantec has been appointed as the slab consultant for slab design, specification and flatness measurement on some of the most prestigious logistics facilities in the region. In all cases we have been able to add significant value to projects through value engineering and detailing, helping contractors deliver high quality slabs and owners maximize value.

Industrial floor design
Securing high quality construction requires extensive attention to detail throughout the design phase. Our designs include options to optimize operational and budget parameters while ensuring safety and indemnity.
Taking into account all operational requirements, work flows and demands, we write industrial floor specifications that are tailored to the end user. This allows us to ensure they receive an industrial floor that optimises their opperational efficiencies and minimises maintenance.
Operational training
The quickly advancing market of high-tech equipment means that you can significantly lower the cost of labour while raising the quality of construction. Our operational training is designed to fit your needs by providing you with the right tools, systems and knowledge to execute and deliver a modern industrial flooring project.
Investments in industrial projects are significant. Cantec is there to ensure industrial flooring projects are carried out according to plan. Our engineers can be on-site to manage quality, production, safety and costs and offer end users peace of mind.