The S-940 is the newest and largest of the “small line” laser screeds from Somero. With its new engine back format and option for 8′ or 10′ head the 940 has taken a large step forward in small screed capacity.  The S-940 features 4 wheel hydrostatic drive with proportional joystick control. Grade control is via the Somero Oasis grade control system which gives the operator full adjustability and monitoring via the LCD screen while screeding. What separates the S-940 from the other small line machines is its screed head featuring a double flight auger allowing for easier handling of tighter concrete slumps and high pours.

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Permaban Signature Joint

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Digital Flatness Survey

Cantec is able to survey floors for defined movement and free movement specifications to the following standards: TR34,Din18202,VDMA, EN 15620 and ASTMFF/FL.

Surveys are carried out using our Floor Profiler digital floor measurement instrument, as well as optical level surveys when required.

All surveys are checked against the specified flatness standard/guideline. Following this process, reports tallying results are being produced.

As digital flatness instruments are used to survey floors and compile data automatically, data cannot be tampered with or manipulated in any way.

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VNA Floor Grinding

Cantec provides Very Narrow Aisle grinding services for VNA operators in the logistics industry.
Our ultra ­modern, fully electro­-robotic “FloorShaver” allows us to grind aisles to tolerances that are unmatched in the industry. Our system grinds aisles to the VDMA Ultraflat standard which is the most rigorous in the industry. Our production rates average 7-10 times faster than our competition. We are able to guarantee the full speed movement of VNA trucks when operating in the aisles. This way we can help to maximize our customers ROI through optimised VNA truck operations, reduced truck and floor maintenance, maximised safety, and greatly reduced grinding time.

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Deteriorating quality of expansion joints

Expansion joints have long been a source of concern for warehouse managers and logistics operators. In many cases they have been designed and specified incorrectly at the time of construction and as a result have opened up further than they should.

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