Werkmaster grinders/polishers

Werkmaster is a pioneer in 8 head design surface preparation and polishing equipment. With their patent Octi Head technology, Werkmaster grinders get more diamonds on the surface which allow contractors to be more productive. Chose from a selection of machines from hand held “Scarab” grinders to the heavy duty “Colossos XT”. Werkmaster also has tooling to support all applications from refinishing hardwood to polished concrete.  1 machine multiple applications.  Ask us about our propane grinders and forget about finding reliable power connections on site ever again.

Our services that use this product

Concrete Polishing - Hardening and Sealing

Industrial floors deteriorate over time due to continuous heavy wheeled traffic. When the floor surface starts to break down, it leads to greatly reduced abrasion resistance, surface spalling and dusting. Cantec, through a system of surface grinding and spray-applied concrete hardeners and sealers, is able to restore floors to achieve the desired abrasion resistance and surface uniformity. This system greatly increases the life of floors, allows for very easy cleaning and has zero risk of delamination, which is a common problem in many epoxy coating treatments.

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