Cantec offers a wide scope of specialized industrial flooring services.  From solutions for expansion joint replacement, slab repair, restoration, VNA induction guidance systems to grinding. We have highly specialized services to ensure your floor is meeting the demands that are placed on it.

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VNA Wire Guidance Design – Installation

Cantec has completed VNA induction wire design and installation for all of the major forklift manufactures in the market including Stihl, Jungheinrich, Linde and Crowne.  This includes what is currently the highest reach VNA facility in Jebel Ali free zone.

We have been trusted with wire installations in both jointed and steel fibre jointless slabs and warranty all of our installations.

Floor Bridge – Joint replacement system

The prefabricated Floor Bridge joint replacement system allows us to carry out full joint replacement installations. It delivers a durable, maintenance­-free, seamless solution to joints which are damaged. Thanks to Floor Bridge, operators don’t risk productivity loss, save on equipment maintenance and repair costs, and can work in a hygienic environment.  Floor Bridge also comes with a full application warranty which is unmatched in the concrete repair industry.

Fields of application:

  • warehouses (including warehouses with very narrow aisles)
  • industrial buildings
  • automotive and manufacturing companies
  • production buildings
  • multi storey car­-parks (including underground) shopping centres
  • exhibition halls
  • school buildings
  • medical sector (hospitals)
  • pharmaceutical sector (production and distribution)
  • food industry (production and distribution)


  • Width of joint profile: ca 250mm
  • Length of joint profile: ca 1200mm
  • Thickness of joint profile: 20mm
  • Horizontal movement: max. 15mm (­5/+10mm)
  • Pressure strength: 60 N/mm²
  • Bending strength: 50 N/mm²
  • Color: gray
  • Packaging (europallet)

VNA Floor Grinding

Cantec provides Very Narrow Aisle grinding services for VNA operators in the logistics industry.
Our ultra ­modern, fully electro­-robotic “FloorShaver” allows us to grind aisles to tolerances that are unmatched in the industry. Our system grinds aisles to the VDMA Ultraflat standard which is the most rigorous in the industry. Our production rates average 7-10 times faster than our competition. We are able to guarantee the full speed movement of VNA trucks when operating in the aisles. This way we can help to maximize our customers ROI through optimised VNA truck operations, reduced truck and floor maintenance, maximised safety, and greatly reduced grinding time.

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Digital Flatness Survey

Cantec is able to survey floors for defined movement and free movement specifications to the following standards: TR34,Din18202,VDMA, EN 15620 and ASTMFF/FL.

Surveys are carried out using our Floor Profiler digital floor measurement instrument, as well as optical level surveys when required.

All surveys are checked against the specified flatness standard/guideline. Following this process, reports tallying results are being produced.

As digital flatness instruments are used to survey floors and compile data automatically, data cannot be tampered with or manipulated in any way.

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Concrete Polishing – Hardening and Sealing

Industrial floors deteriorate over time due to continuous heavy wheeled traffic. When the floor surface starts to break down, it leads to greatly reduced abrasion resistance, surface spalling and dusting. Cantec, through a system of surface grinding and spray-applied concrete hardeners and sealers, is able to restore floors to achieve the desired abrasion resistance and surface uniformity. This system greatly increases the life of floors, allows for very easy cleaning and has zero risk of delamination, which is a common problem in many epoxy coating treatments.

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Equipment Repair and Maintenance

We understand the investments contractors make on equipment and the cost of down time when it fails. That’s why we have trained mechanics working out of our workshop in DIP to service all major lines of small to medium size construction equipment. We also have a mobile unit which can be dispatched to work on sites to service and repair when time is of the essence.