CanTec Concrete Solutions

CanTec is the leading provider of equipment systems and services for industrial floor construction in the Middle East. We specialize in product solutions, tailor-made services and in consulting related to the construction of industrial floors. From distributing specialized construction machinery, to supporting local contractors with training and technical support, to adding value to clients through our specialist design, consulting and services division. From concept design through to long term maintenance and repair our team strives to add value with industry leading equipment systems, consultancy and services.

Fit For Regional Weather Conditions


Despite being one of the strongest materials used in industrial flooring, concrete is still vulnerable to breaks and damage, with unique properties in the extreme conditions of the Middle East. Our professionals have decades of experience solving the toughest challenges of precision flooring in the region.

Uniquely Positioned to Service
the GCC Region

With a combined 30 years of experience of experience in the Middle East we understand the challenges faced in delivering high quality industrial floors. We have extensive know how of both high tolerance narrow strip construction techniques as well as large pour “jointless” laser screed techniques. That’s why we’re well positioned to offer consultancy services for contractors and end users: Cantec has been appointed as the slab consultant for slab design, specification and flatness measurement on some of the most prestigious logistics facilities in the region.

Why choose us?


A one-stop-shop for various equipment and materials needs


High-tech, ultra modern equipment solutions


World class solutions for contractors and end users


Equipment faster than competitors.


Providing an expert industry training and quality customer support


Our focus is on modern equipment and materials systems, integrated specialist services and consulting to the industrial flooring and logistics industry.